Multi-Factor Asset Management

Accorn is an international asset and fund management company and is the latest addition to the Spirit Invest family of companies.  Initially conceived in 2015, around a set of unique principles that are applied to the management of regulated funds, these principled have continued to develop and be finely tuned.  Over the last few years therefore, Accorn has been able to develop a style of asset management that is primarily quant and algorithm led, but also has a set of guiding principles that make its offering unique.

Over the coming years Accorn will launch internationally, as well as also in South Africa, a series of funds that will offer the very best in multi-management, but in a completely new way.  Using its multi-factor style and also a unique algorithm it will select a group of funds, in any given investment sector that relates to the Accorn fund, ensuring that only the very best asset management available in that sector will ever be included in the Accorn fund itself. 

Over the years a great deal of research, as well as back testing, has been undertaken and at this time other regulated asset managers are assisting Accorn by utilizing the company’s unique ideas and algorithms.  During 2020 Accorn will launch its own series of funds and when the company is satisfied that its processes and objectives are being met effectively it will offer these funds, not only to other professionals, but also to the general public.  Any offer to the public, in terms of its own funds and unique style, will only be made via fully regulated funds that have been approved by the regulator of any relevant jurisdiction.

Spirit Invest, as well as all those involved with the development of Accorn itself, are excited about the future of the company and also the type of returns its funds should produce, whether that fund is focused on a particular jurisdiction or simply a global position.

More information on ‘Accorn Multi-Factor Asset Management’ will be made available over the months to come and Accorn’s own dedicated website will be launched under in the not to distant future.

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