Established in 1992, Appleton has developed over twenty eight years to be exclusively focussed on the writing of Wills and acting as executors.

Operating nationally in South Africa via five regional offices and associates internationally. Appleton is able to service its over 8,000 clients and deliver exceptional client service and care. With its professional and focussed management team, Appleton is able to dedicate itself 100% to the business of writing Wills for its clients and then acting as executor and, or trustee on their estates. As a result of its structure and focus, Appleton is able to operate as an independent service provider to all of its supporting partners requiring their focussed services.

Utilised nationally in South Africa by lawyers, accountants, banks, financial institutions and independent financial advisors Appleton offers the perfect solution to writing, updating and monitoring a clients Will. Then when the time arises Appleton will professionally complete the executorship on the estate, based upon the established wishes within the Will.

Spirit Invest will continue to assist and support Appleton with its growth across South Africa and other jurisdictions..